Management Consulting Services

EBI Consultancy collaborates closely with its clients, equipping them to better meet the challenges of today, while preparing them to exploit tomorrow’s opportunities. Through our management consulting services, we advise companies the best ways to manage, what strategies and other operational techniques that will work for their business. We draw upon the unique array of skills of our hands-on experts to offer analysis, comparisons, insights, perspectives and recommendations to help businesses make the best decisions for the future. 

The financial performance is what drives your business and that is why we put a lot of emphasis on the following three critical success factors:

Shareholder value: Our aim is to increase shareholder value by increasing the organisation's cash flow or cause the same amount of cash flow to be received earlier. The alternative for your business is to minimize risk in your business activities. Diversifying revenue streams and customer base, or having long-term contracts with price-escaltion clauses, can help your company reduce risk.

Operating cycle: We help our clients to improve their operating cycle. This can be achieved by making better merchandising decisions, buying the right quantities to match demand at the right time or stimulating sales. Furthermore ways to entice customers to pay early will also have a positive impact. Together these would shorten the operating cycle for your business and increase the company's liquidity, which is good for your company's cash flow.

Operating leverage: If your business has high fixed costs relative to your variable costs (high operating leverage), then your business is very sensitive to changes in sales volumes and your profitability swings will be amplified by the business cycle. We help our clients to shift components of fixed costs to variable costs, so that it reduces the pressure on sales volume needed to break even their business operation. 

Our Management Consulting Services focus around the following areas:


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