Companies and organizations strive to be faster, leaner and more focused on added value. At certain times a company might require a certain expertise, which is not available internally, for a short period of time. EBI Consultancy understands this and is committed to providing executive interim management solutions that add real value from day one. We use our global EBI Practitioner Database and apply innovative techniques to find exceptional Interim Managers that match the needs of our clients.

Our Interim Managers provide specialized knowledge, expertise and hands on experience that help organizations to meet company goals and objectives quickly and effectively.

We focus on building deep, long-term relationships based on insight and understanding.  That is what sets us apart.

Here's how we can help:

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Companies that require interim managers trust EBI Consultancy to help them satisfy clients' needs and help create an efficient business process. Get results that are tailored for your needs.

Are you an executive interim manager looking for assignments or would like to get more information about interim management? Be on our database and join our community.


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