Most Supply Chain's, arguably all, have at least one area that functions out of synchronisation with the rest of the processes. This we all know. What's imperative is the action taken by a business and the consequences, post implementation.

Typically, issues within a supply chain tend to be ignored until they have a direct effect to the clients that have contractual obligations. What happens next is generally a quick fix which is not cost effective and rarely has longevity in solving the problem when dealt with in-house. Any business with an active supply chain will only have the manpower and resources to run the supply chain when it is functioning correctly.

Ironically, when a supply is optimised, the immediate response from the finance dept is to shed personnel to run it as lean as possible, as lean doesn't only reflect having minimal product in the supply chain but also minimal overheads. Even huge multinationals with very large supply chains have a very small ‘fire fighting team' which is constantly stretched. EBI is ready to immediately and cost effectively assist an organisation in all aspects of a complex Supply Chain.

Demand Planning & Forecasting:
Determining what to make requires sophisticated systems that that take into account customer needs, supplier capabilities and production capacity. Demand Planning & Forecasting systems allow companies to use the best available information to make intelligent decisions regarding production plans.

Production Planning & Scheduling:
For complex operations, it is a major effort to plan production given capital equipment, constraints and customer expectations. Production Planning & Scheduling systems optimize the use of an organization’s capital equipment, reduce work in progress, shorten lead times and make them more predictable, and reduce overall operating expenses.

Warehouse & Inventory Management:
No longer can simple databases track the locations of products within the distribution network - today’s real-time enterprises require much more sophisticated capabilities. Warehouse & Inventory Management applications allow an organization to not only identify the location and quantity of products, but provide network planning, multi-tiered supplier visibility and vendor-managed inventory (VMI) functionality as well.

Transportation Management:
Delivering a finished product to the end customer can be one of the most costly and complicated links in the supply chain. Transportation Management solutions allow a company to make intelligent decisions that maximize transportation capacity utilization, create least cost shipment plans, optimize routes, incorporate expediting, and take into account various transportation modes, e.g. air, sea, and ground.

Collaborative Planning, Replenishment, & Forecasting:
Getting the most out of your supply chain is an exercise in coordination among a host of players - some of which reside within your organization and others who don’t. Collaborative Planning, Replenishment & Forecasting (CPFR) systems enable trading partners to maximize efficiencies through the alignment of cross-enterprise planning and execution processes - bringing the benefits of SCM systems to all players in the supply chain.

Product Lifecycle Management:
Engineering and design functions rely on effective collaboration in order to exceed time-to-market goals. Product Lifecycle Management solutions allow your organization to synchronize the activities of all contributors to the design cycle, in order to work through product releases, enhancements and extensions as quickly as possible.

Supplier Relationship Management:
Sophisticated organizations use the purchasing function as a competitive weapon. Supplier Relationship Management includes solutions for automating the procurement functions, rationalizing vendors, evaluating spend - and approaching suppliers from a strategic perspective; in order to optimize the way your company expends its precious resources.

Supply Chain Security:
It’s a reality of business today that you need to pay special attention to protecting your supply chain and your customers from unnecessary liability. Supply Chain Security solutions enable you to track, monitor, document, and identify your goods regardless of where they may physically reside within the supply chain

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