About Us:

EBI Consultancy's backbone is its consultants. Our management and supply chain consultants are true practitioners. It is their unparalleled levels of business and industrial experience, combined with their comprehensive capabilities across numerous business and industry functions, which enable EBI's clients to become high-performance enterprises.

Since its formation in 2009, EBI has been successfully assisting clients across a wide range of industries in  throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. Our industry-leading knowledge, extensive operational & commercial experience and practical approach enables EBI to provide high quality commercial, management and supply chain consulting services.

At EBI Consultancy we help our clients improve their company's shareholder value, improve their operating cycle, shift fixed to variable costs and improve their supply chain operations and network. We believe that when you run a business, it is like driving a car. You have to look forward through the front windscreen 70% of the time and only look in your rear-view mirror 30% of the time. That is why having the right tools and information is key to running your business and making the right business decisions. Having the right technology approach can help you optimize your company's processes, save costs and help you make better decisions.

We practice what we preach and see our customers as long term partners. To ensure our customers get the best person for the job, EBI Consultancy has developed an extensive up-to-date Global Practitioner Database of 1,000+ management and supply chain consultants,  who are available as interim project managers as and when required. All practitioners are experienced professionals with over 10 years practical experience in their respective area of expertise.  This enables you to have your project up and running as soon as possible,  thereby limiting costs and increasing margins. So no matter what industry experience or expertise you require, EBI has the person available to assist you right away.

In addition, EBI has formed alliances with a select number of technology, equipment and supply chain consultancy partners, such as VCF Associates, ProcessWeaver, SSI Schaefer, GSS, and 2Linc Solutions. Our EBI Global Practitioner Database, combined with our alliances, enable EBI to swiftly deliver the right people and services to each client. This means that an EBI client will always have the attention of the most qualified specialist from within the required field of expertise.

 Our Business is to Support your Business
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